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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mao's Little Red Accounting Book

Brother, Can You Spare Some Yuan?

"The Bush administration is close to completing an economic-stimulus proposal that will include $800 rebates for individuals and $1,600 for households."
--Bloomberg News, 1/17/08


Richard Cretan said...

Great comment, Michael!

You've raised a provocative point in billing this plant as a bipartisan bailout intended to cut off accountability and reform.

With populist rumblings across the land, elites are worried. Bipartisanship -- in essence, the condition of being screwed by twice as many politicians as usual -- to the rescue! So much is riding on the illusion that even those running the smoke and mirrors can get caught up in the act. In fact, Harry "Give 'Em Less Than Hell!" Reid was complaining today about how Bush wasn't bipartisan *enough* in announcing the stimulus package, presumably because Bush didn't ask Harry to stand next to him.

Michael Blaine said...


Our federal economic policy makers treat us citizens like children. Spending got us into this mess, so for a cure they propose more of it!

If I ever do receive a "rebate" check from our government, do you know what I will do with it?

I will buy shares in The China Fund (CHN.)

That way, as China's economy grows, and ours continues to run deficits and rack up debt, over time I will actually make some money thanks to the industriousness of Asia.


katy said...

"stimulating package"
heh heh hehe he said package...
and he posts his own comments on his own blog.... hee hee hee

you make no sense

Michael Blaine said...


It's funny, but I was thinking that YOU don't make much sense . . .

Oh, well.