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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Please, No More. . .

Even Freddie Mercury Would Want the Twins to Stop

The song "We Will Rock You" was released by the British band Queen in 1977. Junior high kids loved it. Professional sports teams started playing the tune in their stadiums when they had the visiting team on the ropes. We all have heard it literally thousands of times. We get it. It ceased being fun a generation ago. So, please, Minnesota Twins, stop blaring "We Will Rock You" at the Metrodome. It's time to move on.


Richard Cretan said...

I'm glad somebody else hates that song blaring at the Metrodome.

Looking at the lyrics, it's clear Freddie Mercury didn't intend it in the sense it's been used at games. It's actually an anti-braggadocio number.

Three stanzas, each a phase in a man's life. Each step of the way he has big hopes, dreams. They end in his being poor, hopeless, "pleading" for nothing more grand than a little peace for himself.

The "we" here is a grim society grinding down the individual, forcing conformity on him, roping in his wild hopes with its demands, all to the fascist clop-clop-clop of giant stamping boots.

Hmmm. Maybe looked at in that light, it is kind of appropriate after all at our big league events, which have been blighted by nationalistic and capitalistic excrescences.

It should be played deafeningly and incessantly inside all Wal-Marts. Soundtrack for a surrendered society.


Pity, eh?

Michael Blaine said...

Great analysis, Richard. Most fans have no clue about what the song really means, and I didn't either until your comments. So, "We Will Rock You" is about the individual being fround down by society; the "Macarena" is about group sex; and "YMCA" is about homosexuality. Yet all three are standards at sports venues, with moms, dads and kids singing along! The American public is more obtuse than even we had suspected.

Anonymous said...
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