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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ozzie Guillen Learns About The Limits Of American Freedom

The political ridiculousness of the Cuban exiles in Miami seldom has been more apparent than this week, when that community shouted down Ozzie Guillen over his remarks on Fidel Castro and saw to it that Guillen's Miami Marlins baseball club suspended him for five games.

That nobody in South Florida seems to appreciate the irony of decrying tyranny in Cuba while hysterically stifling free expression at home in the USA is mind boggling. Guillen was bullied into submission by irrational thugs hellbent on imposing their version of reality. That doesn't sound much like freedom.

In any case, at least in Cuba it's possible to find a doctor and go out at night without fear of getting shot to death by a drug gang. That can't be said of many of the island's neighbors, such as Honduras.

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